SBI-AG establishes subsidiary in Canada

After a long period of preparation, the Canadian subsidiary “SBI Sons of Bavaria Investment Canada Ltd” was founded. The new company entered into an earn-in agreement with the well-known Canadian prospector Perry MacKinnon in Nova Scotia on March 1, 2020. The agreement enables SBI-Canada to acquire up to 100% of the shares in two ore […]

“Green mining project in Ewingar” – Press Release

Plans to clear old tailings on Bulldog Mountain How can you tell a “Green Miner” from a conventional miner? “A Green Miner is convinced that man-made climate change is a scientifically proven fact and would not apply for a coal-mining-lease these days” says Hans-Werner Kummerow from Germany, who was granted an Exploration License for Group […]

Canada Exploration projects

SBI-AG of Germany has signed an Option Agreement effective 2nd March, 2020, that entitles SBI-AG to aquire 100% ownership of two mineral properties in Nova Scotia, Canada via a new Canadian Subsidiary Company. The option agreement provides for an undisclosed payment in cash and in stock to the current owner, Mr. Perry McKinnon.

SBI acquires small share in Australian Mining Company

Effective 20th November 2019 SBI has purchased five million shares of voting stock in Australian exploration company White Rock Minerals (WRM), headquartered at Ballarat Victoria and traded on the ASX (WRM). CEO Hans-Werner Kummerow considers WRM a “…near production mining company with interesting mineral resources”. WRM’s Mount Carrington gold and silver Project in northern New […]