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SBI Exploration Projects in Canada

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Fine Jewelery available

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Our Corporate Office is located in the small but scenic town of Wassertruedingen, Germany, located halfway between Munich and Nuremberg. Wassertruedingen is a small franconian town of about 6000 inhabitants, surrounded by meadows, forests, and a series of lakes. By car, the metropolitan areas and airports of Munich, Nuremberg, and Stuttgart can be reached within 60-90 minutes. Internet access is good and is being permanently improved. Cost of living in Wassertruedingen is low. Living space is readily available and may be purchased or rented on favourable terms. Living in Wassertruedingen means you are living where other people are spending their vacation.


Our registered headoffice is located at:

SBI Sons of Bavaria Investment AG

Berliner Strasse 14

91717 Wassertruedingen



Our accountant is:

PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH


Alsterufer 1

20354 Hamburg



Our Auditor is:

Will be appointed by the shareholders at the 2019 Annual Meeting


Company registrar:

Handelsregister Ansbach HRB 6703


Tax office:

Finanzamt Ansbach

Mozartstrasse 25

91522 Ansbach


German VAT number 203/120/70090 (Umsatzsteuernummer)


For the implementation of our 2020 corporate goals, we will be actively seeking out qualified experts to advance our mineral exploration projects in Australia and Canada (Geologists, Mining Engineers, Process Engineers) as well as Metal Traders and Blockchain-Specialists to work out of our Corporate Office in Wassertruedingen.

If you are interested in applying, please get in touch via the contact form (see Contact Us section on this website) and briefly state in a motivational note why you would like to apply for a position with SBI and which position you would like to be considered for.


This website is provided by SBI Sons of Bavaria Investment AG (hereafter referred to as SBI). It is under the editorial responsibility of the data protection officer, Mr. Hans-Werner Kummerow. The data protection officer can be reached via the company SBI, Berliner Strasse 14, 91717 Wassertruedingen, Germany. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  By e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. By phone: + 49 160 59 55 910.

This offer is directed only to commercial customers and within the group of business customers only to metalworking companies that have their headquarters in a member state of the European Union (hereinafter referred to as EU) as of May 1, 2018 (28 member countries) and to whom a VAT identification number has been assigned by their National Tax Authority.
This VAT registration number (hereafter referred to as UID) is electronically stored by us for the purpose of the proper conduct of business in connection with the company name and the registered office. The company SBI has the German UID: DE303990479. Responsible for any questions about the UID of the company SBI is the Federal Central Tax Office, 66738 Saarlouis, Germany.

Our internet offer is made on condition that European or national authorities within the EU, trade associations, judicial bodies or competitive companies raise no objections within the first twelve months of the first publication of our websites. In the event that any objections should be raised, we kindly ask you to send these objections to our data protection officer. Legally binding for the assessment of possible objections is the German version only. If our internet offer is made available in other languages, these are legally non-binding, voluntary services of our company.

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In the event of objections relating to the territory and the legal system of other member states of the EU outside Germany, we reserve the right to block the use of our websites for metalworking companies located in this EU member state, unless the objections are not obviously incorrect or are malicious.

SBI complies with the EU and Perth Mint, Perth, Australia Anti-Money Laundering Directives and reserves the right to report suspicious payments to the relevant regulatory authorities.
SBI complies with OECD recommendations to avoid cash payments to Central African supply sources suspected of supplying raw materials by exploiting child labor, forced labor or other forms of slave labor by workers, under threat of armed force or other unlawful coercive measures, or in violation against existing national legislation.

SBI supports the efforts to achieve transparency in the conclusion of agreements on the exploration, extraction and concentration of raw materials and observes the national laws in the supplier countries. All employees of SBI are prohibited contractually from accepting bribes or offering them themselves.
All our business partners are politely requested to immediately notify our Privacy Officer of any breaches of the prohibition on the receipt of black money, the prohibition of payments to suspected sources of supply or the requirement of transparency.

To the extent we refer to trade names or trademarks on our website that are not our own, they are listed below: London Metal Exchange (LME), Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, Perth Mint, JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee), BMW, Openchain, Toronto Stock Exchange, ASX Australian Stock Exchange, Ernst & Young. 

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Our Australian Office is located near Brisbane in Mullumbimby.
SBI Sons of Bavaria Investment Australia Pty Ltd
20A Garden Ave
Mullumbimby NSW 2482
Phone ‭+61 7 5618 8498‬
ABN 46 627 103 155 ACN 627 103 155 

Mr. Kummerow was born in Germany in 1949 and got his High School Diploma in La Puente, California, USA in 1967. He joined the German Navy in 1968 and has graduated from the German Naval Academy in 1970. After his turn in the German Navy he has attended Business Classes and Law Classes at Nuremberg-Erlangen University. Mr. Kummerow has served on Corporate Boards in California and Germany in Electric-Vehicle-Manufacturing and Personal Transport.  He has been honourably discharged from the Federal German Navy ROC as a Captain in 2000. Today his personal interests are global mining and imports of metals and ores to Europe. Due to his previous experience in EV-Manufacturing Mr. Kummerow is well aware of the factors that will be driving the demand for metals in large volume battery production. He is fluent in German, English and French and has a basic knowledge of Italian, Spanish and Portugese. Mr. Kummerow is also a private pilot with German and US-American pilot licenses. He is a member of the Western Australia Mining Club in Perth, WA.

Ulrich Wallrodt, born 1954 in Germany, was trained as a TV Broadcast engineer. He worked as a technical manager of a video production company and was responsible for Live coverage  of international major sporting events. In 2004 Ulrich migrated to Australia and established the company “Tekwizard Technology Services” in New South Wales. Since the foundation of of “Sons of Bavaria Investment Australia PTY Ltd” he has become the Resident Director and is maintaining the international communication of the group of companies "SBI Sons of Bavaria AG".

Dr Frank Leschhorn, born in 1947, is a German citizen and a Permanent Resident in Australia. After extensive internship work in many mining industries in Germany, the US and Africa, he studied mining engineering at Technical University Clausthal.

Having his engineer degree in mining he became assistant lecturer in economics of mining and minerals resources until his PhD in 1980. He became employed by BASF AG in the following year and worked on the Auguste Victoria coal mine in Marl, which was taken over by RAG in 1995. Titled Director and General Manager, Frank Leschhorn became responsible for RAG Australia Ltd in 1999 and acquired two high-productive coking coal mines (open-cut and underground) in Queensland, Australia. When RAG sold all its international coal assets in 2014 he started his own business as an independent mining consultant.

He became engaged in metal mining and was appointed Director of Deutsche Rohstoff Australia Ltd. For them he found a gold mining project and later a tungsten-molybdenum mine in Queensland which were successfully developed and operated. Frank Leschhorn is well known in the international network of mining people.

He is a member of the Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (AusIMM), of the German Society of Metallurgists and Miners (GDMB) as well as the German-Australian Chamber of Industry & Commerce (AHK Sydney).

Our Canadian Office will be located in Toronto and is scheduled to open in the 4th quarter of 2019.

We have a  vacany in the Toronto office for an office-manager who is willing to work part-time in 2019 and who is prepared to increase his/her workload as business activities pick up in 2020. We are looking for a talented and motivated person with previous experience in the mining industry who feels ready to represent SBI in Canada and who will report directly to our CEO.

If you are interested in applying, please get in touch via the contact form (see Contact Us section on this website) and briefly state in a motivational note why you would like to apply for a position with SBI and which position you would like to be considered for.