Who we are

SBI was founded by a group of Bavarian investors that intend to bridge the gap between mining operations and metal processing companies through fractional mine ownership. This means, in short, that a broad base of shareholders from all areas of metal processing activity accumulate sufficient capital to attain significant stakes in mineral projects and, by taking a stake in a portfolio of mining and exploration projects, will contribute to securing sustainable material flows to European metal processors.

As a new, lean and agile enterprise that does not have the burden of uneconomical legacy investments, SBI can rapidly adjust to shifting demands and focus on current demand while preparing for the demand of tomorrow. In addition, shareholders can tell us what their expectations are for the coming years so that we can focus on meeting our stakeholders’ future needs.

The Australian subsidiary, 100% owned by SBI Germany, allows SBI to direct activities at the future exploration, testing and proving site in NSW in Eastern Australia.

Our Goals

SBI – Sons of Bavaria Investment AG – is committed to bridging the gap between metal mining operations and metal-processing operations by way of fractional mine ownernship. SBI will be exploring mineral deposits in Australia and Canada to gain direct access to future mining operations. In addition, SBI will explore options to enter into partnerships with existing mining operations in Australia and Canada to gain access to a steady flow of metals and minerals.

Our Mission

By building a broad base of shareholders from all areas of metal processing activity and by working closely with European metal processors, SBI AG will accumulate sufficient capital to attain significant stakes in mineral mining and exploration projects. While the shareholders profit from the margin gained by successfully developing mineral projects, SBI AG will also be able to ensure that the produced material will be delivered to European metal processors.

SBI will be cooperating with the Hongkong Mercantile Exchange and the London Metal Exchange to make sure all deliveries comply with standard good delivery terms. SBI will be focusing on sustainable production and environmentally benign mining methods. SBI will be respecting local stakeholders interests in mining activities, community building, and continuous capacity building and training opportunities with respect to the local work force.

By following through on the above outlined commitment, SBI intends to contribute to securing Europe‘s future supply of raw materials and therefore support European metal processors as well as the European High-Tech industry in minimizing future supply risks.

Our Team