SBI has been designed and created to build a strong network of partners that intend to reliably supply metal products for the European market, even in challenging and distressed market conditions. Therefore, SBI will foster and promote collaboration with metal processors with respect to future supply estimates, to allow flexibility with exploration and production of metals estimated for future market trends.

SBI would like to encourage its partners and shareholders from the metal processing sector to share scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activity that may impact work-flows and production volume and to collaborate with SBI in brownfield-exploration and development and in improving the overall production process to achieve optimized results.

Furthermore, SBI is committed to strengthening Research and Development ties with our scientific partners for improved efficacy of the entire exploration and production process, including the evaluation of applications for big data analytics and automation, not only to improve the mining process but to assess market trends.

In all areas of business activity, SBI is committed to respect the environment by seeking out exploration and mining methods with a minimal environmental footprint and support capacity building for local communities while respecting the interests of all stakeholders.