SBI will conduct all trading of metals through established metal exchanges such as the London Metal Exchange and the Hongkong Mercantile Exchange. These metal exchanges have developed a set of rules that every trader needs to adhere in compliance. For instance, only refineries that have previously been approved by the metal exchange, are accepted to deliver materials for trading. In addition, their products need to comply with the purity standards that have been set by the exchange. The transport of all materials needs to be handled by approved good delivery forwarders. Contracts can only be signed by traders that have been approved for trading activities at the exchange. Therefore, from refinery to warehouse, and from warehouse to final customer, there is a good delivery chain in place that is handled by specially approved dealers. SBI will be channelling all delivery activities through a metal exchange to make sure all deliveries comply with accepted industry standards.

However, SBI is planning to go beyond existing trading options. Since all our shareholders will be metal processing operations and since SBI will build its own production portfolio, we want to offer our shareholders an intra-company hedging platform based on blockchain software such as Openchain. Within this hedging platform, SBI will be offering long term call contracts for its shareholders only. Once this trading platform goes live, our shareholders will have access to previously unknown, low cost hedging opportunities. Nevertheless, all physical deliveries will still be performed via existing metal exchanges and their good delivery chains. Due to legal reasons, these alternative trading options can be offered to company shareholders only, once SBI's mineral production is established. 

SBI will also use its contacts of mining operations all over the world and offer, exclusively to our shareholders, a small collection of extremely rare mineral specimens that are very hard to find. Such as, for example, patterned high-grade gold oreshoots in hydrothermal quartz veins that are stable enough to be sawed and polished. The gold in those oreshoots typically consists of about 90% pure gold and 10% pure silver, depending on where the specimen was mined. Another option are very shiny opals from Australia. To make access to these rare specimens easy for you, we have asked a German gold smith to create unique pieces of jewellery from these specimens that make truly unique, one of a kind jewlery and, if desired, beautiful handmade gifts. Please view our gallery below. Prices vary according to the bullion spot-price of gold and silver at the daily London fixing. For a quote, please send us a request through our contact form providing your address registered with us in the shareholder list. 


This fine jewellery are made from very rare gold quartz. These extraordinary items are exclusively available upon special request.