Nowadays, the demand for certain metals can shift on relatively short notice. The reason being, for example, that electric cars require three to four times as much copper as cars with combustion engines; Car manufacturers like BMW replace large amounts of steel previously used for the car bodies with fibreglass-reinforced plastics; large battery packs, depending on which kind of battery technology, require significant amounts of lithium, cobalt, graphite, and nickel. Therefore with industry and technology driven changes, the demand for certain materials make it necessary to develop new mineral deposits and build new production facilities. 

As a new, lean and agile enterprise that does not have the burden of uneconomical legacy investments, SBI can rapidly adjust to shifting demands and focus on current demand while preparing for the demand of tomorrow. In addition, shareholders can tell us what their expectations are for the coming years so that we can focus on meeting our stakeholders’ future needs.

The Australian subsidiary, 100% owned by SBI Germany, allows SBI to direct activities at the future exploration, testing and proving site in NSW in Eastern Australia.