SBI will collaborate with local partners to explore greenfield projects, and while the corporate management will remain with the local partners, SBI is contributing European Know-How to support the optimisation of the technology and processes applied on the project. The German parent company, SBI Germany, will thereby function as a holding company for several affiliated companies across the globe. SBI's objective is to use their equity in the affiliated companies to direct their share or percentage of produced metals and concentrates to the European market. Hence, shareholders with metal processing activity will not only benefit from the return on investment from developing exploration projects, but also from the access to metals and raw materials they acquire.

The first target markets for active exploration are Australia and Canada. Both countries are among the most politically and economically stable and are very rich in mineral resources. SBI Germany, represented by Mr. Hans-Werner Kummerow, has been successful in securing an exploration license for an area of approx. 84 sq km  (28 graticular blocks) in the northern part of New South Wales in Australia. EL 8822 is located within the Drake Volcanics, south-east of White Rock Mineral's well-known Mt Carrington Mine. In New England, with its pleasant climate and proximity to infrastructure, SBI is planning to actively explore for copper, zinc, silver and gold. In doing so, SBI will test, apply, and further develop with the help of cutting edge technology from Europe.

In Canada, SBI strives to utilise the Canadian flow-through share system to finance active exploration for greenfield deposits. In addition, SBI Germany will actively promote an adoption, of the flow-through share system at the European Commission in Brussels as a meaningful tool to support the rejuvenation of a European mining and mineral exploration industry.