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Press release Muna Pfofeld

  • 11 September 2020

My name is Hans-Werner Kummerow and I am the managing director of SBI Sons of Bavaria Investment AG (hereinafter referred to as SBI-AG) with its registered office in Wassertrüdingen. We are a small German mining holding company with subsidiaries in Australia and Canada and focus on the extraction of so-called battery metals for the energy transition, critical metals, i.e. hard-to-procure metals and rare earths.

In recent weeks, the public in Central Franconia has had the impression that there are no alternatives to a civilian use of the former Muna site in Pfofeld to the holiday park project of a Europe-wide tourism company. We would like to counter this impression today, because there is at least one other alternative that we ourselves have proposed. In the future, the existing ammunition bunkers, in which more than 10,000 tons of ammunition at maximum load have been stored, will serve as a high-security warehouse for several thousand tons of metals.

From our point of view, in the Federal Republic of Germany, a large metal warehouse should be built in at least four places in the north, east, south and west of our country for the storage of a strategic metal reserve in order to alleviate the extreme dependence of German industry on Chinese supplies of raw materials. From our point of view, the former Muna in Pfofeld would be ideally suited for conversion into such a metal warehouse. Freight traffic in Pfofeld could easily be handled by rail if the existing industrial track there were to be put back into operation. And the interests of the local tourism industry could be taken into account by ceding a strip several hundred meters wide along the Brombachsee to the municipalities of Pfofeld and Ramsberg if there is any interest in it. For our purposes, about 100 hectares would be fully sufficient.

According to the tender conditions for the federally owned land, the Federal Agency for Real Estate, the former Muna in Pfofeld, may only sell with the approval of the Federal Finance Minister (and in practice probably only with the backing of the German Bundestag). We have allowed leaders in the German Bundestag to draw attention to the special suitability of the former Muna Pfofeld as a high-security warehouse for a future German strategic metal reserve and asked that we agree to a sale of the area only for this purpose. We are convinced that German industry and its employees need a strategic metal reserve more urgently than another fun bath and a few hundred holiday homes in an already very busy recreation region.

We have therefore also made a bid for Muna Pfofeld for a real estate company that we have to set up, but have been outbid. We understand, of course, that BImA must in principle accept the most economically attractive offer if all the framework conditions for acceptance are met. We are therefore patiently waiting to see how the further discussion will take place in public and in the political bodies, and in the meantime we are preparing for the fact that, in a few years’ time, we will still have a chance to realise our project.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. The best way to reach our Mr. Kummerow is by calling the mobile number +49 160-5955910.