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    Petition in NSW parliament to cancel mining licenses in the Clarence Valley

    • 14 October 2021

    SBI Sons of Bavaria is watching closely the current petition in NSW parliament

    “Requesting the Legislative Assembly stop exploration or mining within the Clarence Valley and surrounding government area—(Ms Janelle Saffin)”.

    SBI CEO Hans-Werner Kummerow is holding two Exploration Licenses in the upper Clarence Valley and is fully aware of the environmentally sensitive situation within the Clarence Headwater Catchment. Any mining activity, which eventually would follow a successful exploration, could only be commenced after a detailed study of any and all environmental impacts of the proposed mining activity. And there are of course huge differences between open cut mines, exposed to heavy precipitation in the New England Fold Belt, and underground mines with a rather limited footprint at the surface. And the ores that are recovered in a mining activity need not be processed within the Clarence Headwater Catchment but can be trucked to an area outside the environmentally sensitive area for further processing.

    All our projects are designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. This is also ensured by stringent regulations of the NSW Resources Regulator already in place. Our copper projects will help to provide the much-needed supply of copper for the transition towards the electric car to stop the climate change.